“Remember My Name”…

When choosing a ‘tag line’ to sit next to my picture on WordPress I chose to quote Breaking Bad -“Remember my name”.

We are now nearly a month into a new year and there has already been changes that will influence the rest of the year.
Mainly my work situation. Just before Christmas I was shocked to walk into work and find that the management situation had changed. There were only three of us that worked their, myself and the management couple that ‘ran’ the place. In a previous post I described the series of events that occurred so here is the short version-

  • Got to work at 12:30pm- didn’t have a job.
  • By 13:30pm- could work until the end of the week.
  • By 15:00pm- I was staying until after Christmas

The situation now is I’m staying and have been offered more work. Seven days a week more work.

The ‘tag line’ is staying as “remember my name” but going forward into the next month my attitude towards life will be another Breaking Bad quote- “SAY MY NAME”

“Remember My Name”
“Say My Name”

I’ve worked my ass off over Christmas. The situation was quite clear, I was part of the old management team, I was therefore seen under the same reputation. Which from what I have gathered over the last month wasn’t very good. It was left to me therefore to alter that perception of me through hard work and dedication.
I don’t want to come across as arrogant but I excelled myself. I got a pay rise within a week and offered more hours on top of what I already did.
I found out that a guy from head office had been keeping an eye on me and has really been looking after me in the last month. One guy who can tell the area manager what to do told her “you want to keep him, he’s kept this place going this last year”. Now that was a big statement from a guy I had only met in total three times.

“Say my name” is now making sure I am being spoken about and not just remembered. Making sure that when people need someone to do something my name is mentioned.

Can I take “say my name” into other aspects of my life?
Well I’m sure going to try.

So when you remember me, mention me. Spread the word, spread my name. I’m coming and I’m in charge! (of what I’m not sure) 



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