#TuesdayTattle -Did you ever sort out the world?


There are times, glorious times, when everything just seems to make sense. I can think of at least three times when this might, or for me, has happened:

  • When drunk
  • When you really should be sleeping
  • When you are so, so bored

During these times I have:

  • Worked out how time travel is possible
  • Solved world hunger
  • Came up with a solution for world peace
  • Discovered why there is a God
  • Discover why there isn’t a God
  • Invented warp drive
  • Invented a way to travel to and communicate with parallel dimensions
  • and many many more crazy and wonderful inventions and theories

Unfortunately these ideas and theories never get lodged into my long term memory. So today I’m inviting you to share and tattle with me any crazy ideas you have ever had that perhaps have never come to fruition.
You never know with our minds combined maybe we can invent something or solve a world problem. Come join me as I sit in my pyjamas all day drinking coffee trying to invent.

Just use the #TuesdayTattle on Twitter or link up with this post and lets get our brains working.



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