#TuesdayTattle -Paint Me Your Truth


“I painted the truth, I painted my truth”

There was a time years ago when I would enjoy drawing and painting. Alas not since I was a teenager have I found myself with the time or patience to take part in that once loved pass-time.
The one thing I had never done however- A self portrait.

I don’t recall ever having an aversion to drawing myself but looking back it now seems as though I would have been sketching a stranger. Only in the last few years have I felt comfortable enough to be photographed, I’ve almost always tried to avoid picture happy friends on nights out. Unfortunately the result of that is many photographs of me whilst drunk or simply to busy pulling faces too notice the click of a camera.
Only recently have I discovered the sheer joy that can be taken from ‘selfies’.  The last few weeks, admittedly whilst very bored I have found myself taking ‘selfies’, often many with the only difference in results is a slight change of angle or direction my eyes are facing.

I enjoy the control, the ability to edit.
But now…
I’d very much like to see how someone else see’s me. Not through a camera lens but through their own eyes and talent.

The more I think about it the more I want someone to paint me.

“Paint me like one of your French girls”

I would jokingly say… But there’d be an element of truth. Paint me as you see me… paint me your truth.


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