#TuesdayTattle -Great Advice Giver



  • Great
  • Advice 
  • Giver

That’s me, a person who is great at giving other people advice.
The evening session of #TuesdayTattle was taken up by phone calls, text messages and WhatsApp messages, all from the same person. A female friend of mine who “just wants to cry”.
She unwitting found herself waiting for a man. Without going into too many details a man with whom she was ‘seeing’ but two years ago ended up in prison.
She has been in regular contact throughout the last two years and has been very much looking forward to him getting out and picking up where they left off.

I’d like to say at this point that I never, for one minute, thought it was going to work out.

He apparently got out of prison about a month ago and despite the exchanges they have had over the last two years he has made no attempt to contact her and in fact seems happy to have moved on with someone else.

My first bit of advice:

“Paul I just feel like crying but I can’t”
“Why don’t you come around to mine, I’ve been making women cry for years.”

OK then, I first thought I’d introduce a little humour into the conversation. It got a giggle, so perhaps it was a smart move.
My friend then told me about all the letters she has that she has kept.
My first thought, ‘BURN THEM’ but I never said that. Just as I was keeping that little gem to myself she said- “I want to burn them!”

Brilliant I thought, we are on the same page.
“Brilliant” I said.
“Burn them! You’ll feel better for it if that’s what you think you need to do”.

She was shocked that I agreed so readily. Thinking that I would believe it to be ‘a little over the top’ but no, I completely agree. I’ve done it a few times myself in the past.

“Honestly I can’t remember how many ex-girlfriends pictures and stuff I have set fire to in the past” I explained. I went on to describe how the act of burning the objects that you have formed a mental attachment to will help release the attachment.
I understand that this may not work for everyone but I have done it myself in the past and it has certainly worked for me.

About an hour after this conversation I received a picture message of some papers burning on a garden patio. She had done it.
During typing the majority of this text I have been talking to her about how relieved she now feels.

That conversation is now over. Of course at this time of night I have missed most of Family Guy but that’s OK. I have helped a friend and given some good advice.

A nice round off for TuesdayTattle. Now possibly time for a hot chocolate and bed.

But wait a moment. G.A.G, what’s the Gag. The biggest gag/joke/irony of a Great Advice Giver is that they are rubbish and hardly ever take their own advice.
Which I hardly ever do.

Night people.


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