Should I?

After years of ‘thinking’ about it and wanting one I’m tempted to get my first tattoo tomorrow.
The main thing that stopped me was from the age of 15 I said I would not get one until I turned thirty. I’m now three years past that and have, I think, finally chosen the one I want.


Any Supernatural fans may recognise it as the ‘Mark of Kaine’.

What do you think? Should I?

Should I?


23 thoughts on “Should I?

      1. I know. I think that’s why I’ve always said I’ll wait. But unfortunately there’s only a few places I could have them without having to shave every day.

      2. mm.. tattoo topic is always “either you love em or you hate em”… As long as you won’t get profanities on your forehead, I believe, you should be able to wear tattoos without being boxed based on misconceived perceptions. But I think if you don’t feel really excited and really not sure if you want it or not, don’t get it… Get it only when it feels absolutely with no doubt something you want to do 🙂

      3. To be honest it always has been. Since I was a teen. But I did promise myself not until 30. Then I got side tracked. But now I’m really back on it.

      4. That’s cool! Well, perhaps from tomorrow on we can say “Welcome to the club. We’re glad to have you and be proud of your tat(s)” 🙂 Good luck in the tat-studio should you decide to go 🙂 it’s exciting! 🙂

  1. I got mine after thinking about it for over a year. I haven’t regretted it for a second! If this is what you’ve wanted for such a long time, I say: go for it! 🙂

  2. I kind of think if you are unsure, the answer is wait, but it’s also not like you are going for a large arm sleeve or something. 😀

  3. You know deep down when it’s right. I got one 10 years ago. A black superman logo on my upper arm. Have been considering a new one for a while and…it is…TARDIS related…

    1. I’ve got some Gallifreyen writing at home that I’ve wanted for a couple of years but just forgot about. I’ll send you a picture later, I like the idea of that because I’ll know what it is and everyone else will just think it looks like a nice pattern

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