#TuesdayTattle -Tattling Tat’s


So yesterday I posted about how I’m finally going to get a tattoo. I’ve wanted one since I was about 14 but I always said I’d wait until I was 30. Three years after 30 I’m ready, this morning I went to my local tattoo shop. The place has a good reputation and I’ve known about it for years.
The guy I spoke to there was very helpful so if I get time away from work next week I am pencilled in.
I came straight back and started printing and thinking.


A simple design. Taken from ‘Supernatural‘- The design is the mark of Cain.

But for now I wasn’t happy with just getting the design I wanted sorted out.
So out came the permanent marker pen…

IMG_6234 It’s a rough drawing but I figure it gets me used to having something there before I go permanent next week.


12 thoughts on “#TuesdayTattle -Tattling Tat’s

      1. :D… brill! I have quite a big scar on my back.. and I am sure I will have two more… so once I am done healing I will have a big ass coverup tat on my back.. I bloody well can’t wait! 😀

      2. The only problem with me getting any big ass tats is I’d have to shave. I do have a couple that if the first one goes ok I’ll have on my shoulders.

  1. One of the most terrifying tattoos I have ever read about. Have you taken leave of your senses? Are you OK with the fact that having that on your arm might push some people away from you – being too afraid to even get to know you? You read about its meaning, right?

    If I were to get one, it would be something not harmful, something I believe in with all my heart as they are 1) permanent (unless you spend a lot of money and pain to get them “removed”) 2) painful 3) expensive.


    Baffled Georgia Mom

    1. Hopefully it wouldn’t push people away. The thing I like about it is it shows you can live with a ‘bad’ side.
      Everybody has a little bit of a Demon inside of them, the value of a man is keeping the demon side of him locked away.
      I take that as a positive thing.

      1. Based on the link you provided, that is not what that particular tattoo “says.” Perhaps there are tattoos available which do actually symbolize what you wrote.

      2. The link is from Supernatural. Supernatural wiki, I think?

        You asked. Not in this thread, but in the first one. “What do you think? Should I?”

        I am very glad that there are removal options nowadays.

      3. I know I asked “should I” but that was more just confirming to myself.
        What I liked about Cain in supernatural was although yes he was a demon he also chose solitude as a peaceful way of life. The evil within was a burden and he chose to step away from it. Well that’s what I took from it

      4. I think there is a huge difference in having “demons” and having “vices.” And in being an actual demon and in having “vices.” I don’t think this is a ‘good overcoming evil’ or a ‘good having overcome bad’ tattoo. Maybe a tattoo of the character in Supernatural would be. I am sure there are tattoos that are about good vs. evil. It’s your arm, dude. Do whatever makes you happy. I am just offering one person’s perspective. Before I read it’s meaning, I didn’t think much about it.

      5. Most people won’t know the meaning of it. But I know what it means to me. Plus I can’t find/remember the ones I designed when I was 16.

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