#TuesdayTattle -Weekend Douchebag

IMG_6053I’m certain this was a particular breed of douchebag.

As you may have picked up, I run a bar. This is a job where you get to meet all kinds of characters.
And as most of us know a person who can be described as ‘a character’ is more often than not… a complete dick.

So this guy at the weekend, showing off his triceps under his shirt sleeve whilst talking over the bar.
“Have you seen my arms, seriously look at my triceps”

“Well done” I said, “and the good news is you pay less VAT on children’s clothes”.
To which his response was-
“I’m the hardest man you’ll ever meet”!

I’m certain this was a line he was using to try and intimidate me and my obviously not impressive humour.
I wasn’t entirely sure if that was actually a come on and he really liked beards or if it was a challenge.
My response was-
“really, have you ever pissed off a moody barman before. Or is my beard making you hard”douchebag.
So my question today- what’s wrong with people?


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