It’s All In The Title


I have not really had the time in the last week or so to pay any attention to my blog. It’s been a very busy week of work and baby-sitting.
As I sit here now with a house to clean and much procrastination to get through I find my brain quite empty. Which reminds me of an idea for a post I had a few weeks ago.

‘Interesting Titles But No Content’

It was a less than interesting day at work when I thought of this post. I was quite bored and munching my way through a bag of fizzy sweets whilst washing them all down with cup upon cup of coffee. Then I thought – ‘Fizzy Sweets and Coffee’ what a great title for a blog post.
But what would it be about?
Just me talking about eating fizzy sweets- Well that’s not going to do and what’s with the coffee. There was literally no story I could think of that would fill ‘Fizzy Sweets and Coffee’ blog post.

It’s not the first time I’ve thought of a title but had nothing to back it up with.

My life story for the ages of 30-32 was going to be called ‘Chocolate and Zombies’- Because I took two things that I loved in those years (and still do) and combined them to sum up my life at the time.

‘Breakfast And The Year Of The Bed’- A very mundane year that was and not much to blog about. I spent a long time working early mornings, eating breakfast and sleeping.

‘Jumping And Falling’- I have no idea. Could probably be a very inspirational motivational post about trying your best and picking yourself up from failure. But it was just a title.

Then it started getting silly. I was looking around rooms to find objects to sandwich the ‘and’… try it. There are literally loads of possibilities. Look left and choose an object, then look right and choose another.

‘The paper-shredder and the Chewing Gum’
‘Qwerty Keyboards and Washing Up Bowls’
‘The Violin Case and The Keyboard’
‘The Upturned Shot Glass and the Champagne Corks’

All of it with no content.
I need another coffee and some shower thinking time.

Maybe then I’ll have something worth writing about.

Until later…


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