I’m back

It’s been a hectic couple of months. I must say I’ve missed my time blogging, I didn’t realise how much until I stopped.

im back  The main reason for not having anything to say is that I’ve simply not had the time to say it. Actually I’ve not had the time for a life. Work. Work. Work. That’s all I seem to do at the moment.
I still get my two days off every week but I find myself so drained that I’ve taken to locking myself away and enjoying as much ‘ME’ time as possible.

So what has happened in the last few months?

  • I looked after my Godson and made a massive sacrifice.
  • I’ve given the most profound speech I’ve ever given.
  • I’ve helped a friend out of an abusive relationship.
  • I’ve cooked.
  • I’ve cooked more.
  • I’ve cooked far too much food.

It has been a good couple of months now, but I had a great day babysitting. My friend, who asked me to be Godfather to her son, was having difficulties with ‘the ex’ (he was being a dick by all accounts). He chose to be a dick when she had made plans to try and move on with her life and get a date for Valentines day. But more importantly I asked her if she just fancied the ‘day off’, I’d happily babysit, I remember the last time I spent the day laughing with my Godson and if I’m honest it probably made me happier than any night out or day off ever could.
There was a problem though, I had spent a few months growing a rather impressive beard. Of cause my Godson takes after his mother and shares her childhood phobia of beards.
After half hour of not being able to get him to settle I had very little choice. Out came the clippers and off came the beard.
As I shaved the weeks of growth away his smile grew and by the time I was beardless there was laughter. He knew exactly what he was doing. There is no beard phobia, what there is, is a massive control complex. I had made a sacrifice just because a one year old already knows how to make adults do things!download (1)

Moving forward a few weeks I found myself, yet again, lending the bartender ear to a customer in turmoil. One of my regular customers comes in with his girlfriend at least twice a week. Ordinarily I don’t really have a great deal of time for the guy but after two days of watching the relationship go through ups & downs and after one of those nights having him start crying at me I felt like maybe I’m the only person he feels comfortable talking to so I allowed it.
He ended up summing his life up, or at least what he thought of his life-

“It’s like checking the fridge every half hour when you’re hungry but it’s always empty”

Quick as a flash I replied-

“But even when the fridge is empty there is still a light”!

BOOM! NOW FEEL BETTER– and you know what, it actually made him feel better.download (2)

For a couple of months now I’ve been helping a friend who is going through a break-up. It’s the ending of a ten year relationship and there is a child involved.
In my honest opinion it should have ended a long time ago but you can’t stop a woman trying for something that she believes is important. Problem is the relationship was mentally abusive and she is only just realising this now that she’s out of it.
I now have regular coffee afternoons on a Tuesday where she comes round to my house, I stock up on cakes and coffee and we talk through what ever she needs.
What has been particularly eye opening for me is in trying to help and advise her I have learnt an awful lot about what abusive partners can do and act like. Frankly I’m disgusted by it and by how painfully obvious some of the signs are.
She is on the right track now and fingers crossed she finds her way back to herself.images

And then I’ve been cooking. Like seriously cooking. Like Man Vs Food cooking!


Oh and breakfast. I love my breakfasts.


Now it’s probably time for bed as I’ve stayed up far to late but it has been nice getting my fingers typing again.


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