Mate Vs Date

Forget Batman V Superman. The real battle is Mate V Date.

Let me explain- I work a job where I am not usually afforded weekend nights off. So tomorrow will be my first Saturday night out in roughly two years.

I had the night planned. A few drinks with a good friend. A good friend who is normally drinking while watching me work (I’m a bar manager/DJ). We didn’t have anything extravagant planned, just a few quite drinks where I’m not the one pouring them. 

All sounds easy enough until you go back a few weeks. 

In my job you get to meet new people all the time. Most times you form a passing acquaintance for the evening and that’s it. But sometimes you see potential for something more. The latter has been happening for a couple of weeks now. A nice young lady, an interesting and in someways intriguing young lady. I say intriguing , she isn’t, it’s my simple desire to learn more about her. 

I’ve not been intrigued by anyone for quite sometime! 

Knowing I was working all day last Sunday she cooked me dinner and brought it to my work. A home cooked dinner on a Sunday, for the sheer lack of cooked food on a Sunday in the last few year it certainly was the way to this mans heart! 

We chatted until quite late last night when, perhaps mistakenly, I mentioned my upcoming Saturday night off. 

“We should go out” she said.

“That would be really good” I jumped to reply.

“Great, it’s a date” she said with some excitement on the word date!

But now I’m in a dilemma, go out with my friend as planned for the first time in two years or take a chance on her. MATE V DATE

MATE V DATE – which will win. 

Advice please 


8 thoughts on “Mate Vs Date

      1. Pardon me! LOL. I thought you were saying the girl was a friend and you were contemplating a romantic evening. See the difference in your English and ours in the states? My face is red!

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