Relationship status:- the way to a mans heart

To give some context I’ve had ‘a few’ relationships,
none of them have ever worked out.

My twenties was filled with girlfriends, in those ten years I think the longest I was single was for one year. The range of relationships spanned ever conceivable status-

in a relationship’, 

‘it’s complicated’,

 it’s very serious, 

 it’s not so serious,

the soulless we are just ‘shagging’

to the

living together and we will probably marry one day.

All of which came to an end after my last serious relationship two years ago. I’ve been living a solitary existence since and have been surprisingly enjoying myself. After my last girlfriend, which was my choice to end because she was better off alone, I decided no more until it was right.

And by ‘right’ I meant not just going through the motions of a relationship. I then and now wanted something that mattered, something that made me. I’ve been in more than a few relationships where I was always me and everything I was never changed. It’s my opinion now that as a couple you should both be true to who you are but grow as a pair.

I had a few ‘dates’ last year but nothing ever came from them. One particular one looked very promising after several dates but we were on different pages.

But then a couple of months ago something happened, right at a time when I had no time for ‘stuff’ to happen. Quite literally, work has taken over my life. I work in a pub, in fact it would appear that I am the only person who works here. And I work very hard.

A couple of months ago the sister of one of my regular customers started drinking here. A lovely woman who had took it upon herself to start looking after me.

Within a couple of weeks she was cooking for me, bringing me a delicious Sunday dinner, every Sunday. I’ve always heard that the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach but nobody had ever tried before. Next thing you know she was coming in more often, not to drink but to keep me company. donut

I found, on more than a few occasions just sitting there chatting until 4/5am before I’d walk her home and start dreading my lack of before work the next morning.

We would often talk about food and I would show her pictures id took of big breakfasts I’d cooked on my time away from work. She was impressed, which is the reaction my showing off was hoping for. She said a few times that she wanted to try one of my breakfasts. I was totally OK with that (wink wink).

Then a couple of weeks ago something brilliant happened. She asked me for something. But she asked in a very sweet childish way and ended the favour request with a puckered cute ‘kiss me’ face. Now I was certain that this was just in jest but something took over an for the first time in two years I thought to myself- ‘f**king kiss the girl’- so I did.

She got the breakfast I promised, well it was something I like to call Brinner as it didn’t get cooked until about 5pm.
So here I am. Two weeks into a ‘relationship’. I still don’t have much time but at least now I find myself making the time.

Making time for someone who makes time for me and looks after me with food and hugs.

Please excuse any spelling or writing errors in this post. It’s been a while and I’m currently at work with a massive lack of sleep. 


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