Ride It Out

It’s been a difficult few months at work. Basically I work for morons who have no idea how to do their job.
I’ve spent the last seventeen years learning how to be the best ‘god-damn’ bar manager I can be, I know all aspects of my job from service to entertainment to door control. I quite literally do the lot.
Since the start of this year I have been ‘doing the lot’. I work on my own, I actually prefer it that way,

but the bar ‘I RUN’ without me needs the following staff-

  • Bar tenders
  • DJ
  • Manager
  • Door Staff

That’s at least four people every weekend that don’t need paying because I do it alone.
Prime example the weekend just gone, I had Friday off. That night there was four people working on the bar- that’s four bar tenders. There was two ‘managers’ (that term is used loosely). There was also a DJ.

The joke of it was they took less money over the bar than I do alone and subsequently paid that money back out in costs.

The thing is the people I work with/for are all family. It literally is me Vs them.
There’s been a few times now where money has gone missing. Well you can guess who got blamed for that. Luckily for me I keep records and make sure my back is covered.
Well it’s been two weeks now since I found out where the money was going. After they had worked for one hour of a busy Friday I then went on to work the next sixteen hours on my own. I’d taken a fortune. But low, the end of the night when it came time for me to count the vast amount of money I had taken over the course of the day- £15 down…

Well I’m not having it, I knew what was going on. It took me three minutes of going through the CCTV to find it was actually the managers son was stealing from the till. Stealing from the business. Stealing from his mother.
Funny how money goes missing more frequently when I take over from them and work alone for the rest of the day. I smell a set up.
Well now I know, it is exactly that.

Thieving little toe-rag!

Well, I pointed it out to his mother, the manager, she made excuses and blamed it on a simple mistake. I understand trying to save face because you have been accusing of me I will even let it go, but, but… but why the F**K  is that guy still allowed anywhere near this place.

It’s time for me to plan and dig a stronghold. I have fully declared war.

But alas, I’m a lover, not a fighter.
Na just kidding (internal LOL)

I’ll tell you what I did do. I remembered the lessons I’ve learnt over the years from Doctor Who.

I have been having words in the ears of people who will have words in the ears of other people.

There’s at least four people now that have used the same phrase after looking into things…

“Just stick with it, just ride it out”keep calm ride it out

There is now movement behind the scenes, people are watching. Higher management never make quick decisions.
I am now a little more reassured however because I no longer need to ‘have my own back’. There are people who have my back as well. It’s a great feeling. My army.

And just because I don’t recall ever using a Star Trek reference in my Blog-


Feel free to check out the day I decided NO MORE, everything about my anger seems to be expressed through Doctor Who. There’s some damn good quotes to throw out for an intelligent breakdown. The follwing link will take you to a post from a couple of weeks ago- “When A Good Man Goes To War”


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