Didn’t see that coming

So I’ve had a couple of days off from work. It was going to happen eventually.
This week I enjoyed Tuesday and Wednesday in the comfort of my own home doing very, very little. It was amazing!

Now normally I get called in to work Wednesday nights but this week I refused. For two reasons.

  • I needed two days of doing nothing to recuperate the last few months of working far to much
  • We had a psychic medium booked on Wednesday night and it’s something I very much disagree with.

Imagine then how much I laughed when I saw the following status update on Facebook from my manager regarding the upcoming psychic event.


My manager isn’t someone that I’d rate highly on many scales but has gone right up on the scale of unintentionally hilarious.


4 thoughts on “Didn’t see that coming

      1. I was really impressed with myself. I feel I have grown somewhat as a mature and considerate adult.
        I carried on the day telling everyone about it and showing them the screen shots of the hilarious status update lol.

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