Call Me Parody

Call Me Maybe just came on the jukebox at work. I’m not even ashamed, I still love it!


One of the greatest songs of the last decade? (1)

OK, let me start by saying I LOVE THIS SONG!

I don’t really know why, except, well… it makes me happy. It’s cheery up beat tempo inspires a happy feeling within me.
But why do I think it should be up there with some of the greats?

Well it’s inspiring, no really it is. I remember within a week of hearing this song there were numerous parodies uploaded. Not all of them were straight up mocking the song. Many of the videos uploaded to Youtube and other such video sharing sites featured many people enjoying themselves. This one song inspired happiness… and doesn’t the world always need a little bit of that?

One of the best video’s, for me anyway, was by the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders.

The Dolphins video then went on to inspire this-
A truly brilliant response.

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