A girlfriend that’s not just for Chritmas

Phone call at 2pm on Christmas day-

“Hello Mom, happy Christmas”

“Hello Paul, are you having a good day?”

“Yes I am Mom, look there’s something I need to tell you”

“Are you OK?”

“Yes I’m just fine, but, there’s something I’ve not told you because I was kind of keeping it a secret. Mom, I asked her to marry me. I proposed this morning.”


“Mom, I got engaged this morning”

“… Did she say no?”

“Hahaha, no Mom, she said yes”

I then got a text message from my father saying- “congratulations, it’s about bloody time”

I am reminded, on more than a few occasions, throughout my life just exactly where my sense of humour comes from. It is always confirmed to be from my mother. She is as dry as a desert in the summer but that’s just a reason to love her. Her way of showing that she’s happy for me is a cheeky comment followed by a sincere/emotion comment from my father. They compliment each other fantastically.
And that is something I have yet to find in my life… Well until now.


12391874_10153232863796437_7034289919673702407_nChristmas morning 2015, she said yes.

It wasn’t a traditional proposal. I had a whole big speech planned out that I would be delivering from one knee.
The speach was never spoken.

‘I’m sorry that you didn’t get me at my youngest, my most healthy, my most romantic.
But you did get me at the wisest I have been so far in my life, the stage that I know how important it is to have somebody take care of me, the age where I am not stupid.

You got me, hopefully always. Will you marry me?’

But I crumbled and that planned speech went right out of the window.
After she had opened all of her presents and I had opened mine she made her way to the kitchen to start a big Christmas breakfast.
I called her back saying she had one more present.
I stood in front of her and pulled the ring box from my pocket and slowly started to crouch and open the box.

Grabbing the ring with excitement she exclaimed “YOU GOT ME A RING!”

Whilst still lowing to a one knee position  I took the ring back and wryly said “it’s an engagement ring” and proceeded to asking posture.
I never made it.

She put her arms around my neck and hugged me real hard.
Saying “YES”.

I’ve been with many different people. So why is this one different. For me it’s because after years of disappointing relationship fails I had decided that if I was going to relationship again then it would start out as innocent as when you got a girlfriend at the age of 10. We would fall in love quickly but slowly. Making no mistakes that rushing into things might bring up.
The first time she introduced me to a family member and then to a friend she introduced me as “this is Paul, my partner”.
I have never been anyone’s partner before. I had been a boyfriend, a man, a date but never a partner. That one word changed everything.

Now we may not marry for another ten years but the engagement is done. Possibly the biggest thing I have ever done in my life!

I am in love and I am happy. Of course I want to marry her.





3 thoughts on “A girlfriend that’s not just for Chritmas

  1. I knew you could do it!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!! Happiness all round ……. try to behave yourself and get her down the aisle quick!!!!!!

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