Christmas Romance – A short story

He rushed home after work that night. Quicker than he had ever rushed home after work before, for tonight he was going out, tonight had been set up as the celebration of the culmination of a years hard work at the office.
He readied himself quickly in the bathroom ensuring that there was an extra couple of squirts of aftershave in some very distinct places.

He made his way to the bar and spent a few hours chatting and drinking with people whom he had just found a new higher sense of tolerance for. Then gazing around the bar, looking for conversation inspiration he spies her.
Instantaneously she spies him, their eyes locked from a distance an optician would be proud of.

Their brains were connected by a cosmic force that seemed to be driving them together when the same thought crossed their minds. As their eyes were locked they could read each others thoughts, causing an almost small amount of nervous amusement.

The thought that they shared as they looked at each other across the room?
One simple thought that was to sum up their entire Christmas experience for that year. The thought that would dictate the level at which every party in the future would be judged against.

They both thought- ‘You’ll do’.


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