The Rise and Fall of the 10 to 2 Girl

images (2)Urban dictionary describes these girls as-

Noun – A girl who you might try and chat up or pull in a nightclub when it gets to 1:50am and just want a snog before you have to leave. These are normally fat girls and ones you’d never normally bother talking to (see ‘beer goggles’). Pulling a 10 to 2 bird will top off your night and make the entry fee to the club seem worth it and generally make you feel better about yourself! (see ‘charlie big balls’)
Come on mate i haven’t pulled yet, lets go and find a 10 to 2 girl!
by Alex Howarth February 01, 2006
Now I’m writing this as a man so it may come off as a little sexist. I assure you I’m not.
My younger self however could be construed as such but only by today’s standards by which sexism is judged. Judged by many people, including my older self.
Let me take you back ten years. I was ten years younger! -and full of sexual desire.
I have talked in previous posts about the relationship between my genitals and my brain and you can probably guess where most of the decision making came from.
As a younger man, working in a lively, busy bar I was never short of nights out. Usually with a group of people about the same age as me. Our nights, as with many young people in the UK, seemed to go like this:
  1. Get ready to meet up around 6/7pm
  2. Go to a local pub and begin drinking, heavy drinking
  3. When the pub closed at eleven get the last few drinks down your neck and call taxi’s
  4. Join the queue for chosen night club
  5. Spend the night trying to- A) Chat people up -or- B) Try to dance well so’s you impress a young lady

For a few of us- OK mainly me- the chatting up didn’t really work and as for the dancing to impress, if I was dancing I was to far ‘in the zone’ to have time to notice if I had impressed anyone. Oh my nickname was ‘Snake hips’ until about 25- True story.


So what happened to those of us that never got the girl throughout the night?

All was not lost, for there was a magical time awaiting us. A time in which we were as smooth talking asΒ Don Juan and we could dance as though Patrick Swayze requested our help keeping ‘Baby’ out of the corner (and more than a few times did we try that famous lift).

All of this was obviously alcohol induced. But no matter how drunk you were you knew what time the golden hour was. You had just ten minutes to make sure that by the time the burly club bouncers walked around the club telling you to ‘get out’ you were hanging from the arm of some ‘hottie’.

Yes, a hottie, because regardless of how Urban Dictionary describes them she was hot, really hot and she was yours.

These girls were not looked down on and no less respected than the girl you’d spent all night buying drinks for who disappeared with her friends or her significantly ‘bigger than you’ boyfriend. In fact that girl was just horrible and had a much worse reputation. Bitch!- Sorry some years of repressed bitterness (1)

That money grabbing harlot was nothing to you by 2am, because you had bagged yourself a girl. She was the one, for that night at least. Some of them you could even drag a few weeks of relationship out of before she realised what a douche you were or you both realised that you really didn’t want to be around each other sober.

Those were the golden days. Everyone knew about the 10 to 2 girl and she wasn’t as bad as you remembered. In fact there’s a few of them that you should probably have stayed with. –There’s that repressed bitterness again.

BUT THEN in 2003, new 24hour drinking laws came inimages

2003 saw the decline of the 10 to 2 girls. Pubs were open past 11pm suddenly there was little need to rush to the club as chances were it was open until about 4am.
You’d think that this simply made 10 to 2 girls evolve and become 10 to 4 girls. But it didn’t!
It is easy to explain- That extra two hours didn’t mean we went out later, it meant we drank for two hours longer. Suddenly 10 to 2 girls could be found huddled over in doorways trying not to vomit on the street. That extra two hours of drinking meant that men were suddenly not interested in the lack of women but rather fighting other men over the lack of women. It was a shambles.
An extra two hours drinking turned the UK’s young drinkers into animals.Β images (1)

And there was no specific time for the last chance saloon chat up line. No designated ‘it’s now or never’ moment.
I mean what are you to do, follow a girl around all night and wait until ten minutes before you think she’s ready to call it a night a go home alone. Which you know you’re going to end up doing. Well you simply can’t do that. For one, I haven’t the energy or motivation and for two, you would come across as a complete stalker.

It matters not anyway. People will still meet (somehow) and people will still breed, the world will keep turning and the human race will continue.

I would just like to say-

“10 to 2 girl, I miss you and I salute you. It was good to be young and it was very nice to meet you. You were and still are beautiful and you will always be missed”


13 thoughts on “The Rise and Fall of the 10 to 2 Girl

      1. Yeah.. when I started reading it I thought- oh no, don’t be a bastard! But it was an excerpt from the urban dictionary. I just saw the words “fat girl” and cringed… Read on… you made some great point about what night life is like and then you finished it with saying that the 10 to 2 girl was pretty and yours. even if for one night, she was yours. and you know what? I think that was very gentleman of you. People always hook up but there’s a difference isn’t there.. there’s the hookup and then there’s the hookup where you respect another human being. so yes, well done! πŸ™‚

      2. πŸ™‚ I thought the Urban Dictionary difinition was a little harsh.
        I was talking to a couple of regulars in my pub yesterday about it all and we blamed 24hr drinking laws for our decline in meeting women. Because I think the three of us didn’t want to blame the fact that we got old- no, older!
        And I forgot how to dance years ago.

      3. Yes, drinking has been enabling the decline… the decline of two people meeting and actually creating something meaningful. It so often happens that in the alcoholic haze you think this person is who you want, but it’s not true once you get sober. I was stuck in this stupid circle myself… I had a BF for 2 years and all we did was party… once I decided to stop drinking I realized there’s nothing between us other than the love for bands and beer. Shock/horror! πŸ˜€
        Then I met a guy who has been sober for 15 years. Man, talk about a breath of fresh air- the honesty, and no slurred bullshit. No waking up next day wondering if what happened was wrong.. all decisions are made with a clear head and it’s life-changing.
        I think it’s great when you need a drink to loosen up, but what’s going on now with the party scene is way beyond limits, unfortunately… anyway… I think you’re never too old to meet a woman and sometimes all the party-boys need to understand that they c an make a bigger impression on a lady by standing their ground and confidently showing their real selves without the involvement of alcohol…. sorry for the rant πŸ™‚

      4. Not really a rant but a comment on the ‘party scene’. And actually pretty bang on!
        Sometimes I hate what it has become, although there probably wasn’t actually that much difference when I was on the party bus, hell I became the driver of the party bus and I don’t like the passengers lol.

      5. Ha! Good one.. but you see, since you’re the driver you have the power to kick off anyone from that bus you don’t like πŸ˜€
        Surround yourself with people who make you happy and party with the people who you can be yourself with… guaranteed better parties and easier life πŸ˜€

      6. I do enjoy kicking people out- it’s amazing how a drunk thinks they are always ‘in the right’.
        My nights out now consist of Friday nights at work. I get to sing an drink and basically control the environment. That’s an easier life.

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