My life in VHS

Growing up nowadays kids miss the sheer joy and wonder that was ‘the local video store’.

I remember going in my local video shop with my parents as a child and I had entered a world that was full of wonder, full of possibilities and full of friends. Not friends I had from school or from my local area, these were friends that you could rewind and fast forward, these were friends who’s best moments could be paused with a shaky grainy quality allowing you to beg mother for more popcorn.

Yes it is to you my old friend VHS that I dedicate this post to.
Of course with the invent of new formats these cherished old plastic boxes of delight have faded and are now re-homed on charity shop shelves or have been melted down and probably reformed into what I now use as a razor, but the loss of these beautiful objects cuts me deeper than any razor ever could.

I have managed to save 22 of these wonderful objects and I’d like to share with you my favourites.

Transformers-the movie: the original and best movie from 1986. The one where Optimus Prime died and stayed dead until the release of ‘T10620934_10152255124426437_1018635054_nhe Return Of Optimus Prime’.
This video was brought for me as a 21st birthday present from my best mate at the time. We immediately played the cassette. Three lads, 21,23 and 24, all sat on a sofa crying at the death of Optimus as two girls sat shaking their heads in bemusement. It still to this day has the best entrance of any movie character, near the beginning as Optimus arrives to save the day to the tune –‘you’ve got the touch’. Watch the link and feel the goosebumps!

Lord of the rings- the animated classic from10638123_10152255124601437_1711462986_n the late 70s. It’s is not a patch on the books or the recent films but being as it was made before I was born and the memories of it scareing the life out of me as a child, I just could not bare to part with it.




Peter Kay-live at the top10608978_10152255124706437_1400444572_n of the tower. This standup video came out at about the same time as my sexual peak. And I can not thank Peter Kay enough for the amount of times his video got me laid.
“I’ve got the Peter Kay video if you fancy coming back and watching it”- no chat up line could ever have worked better.



Masters of the Universe– this one made the list especially for suzie81. I admit I do love this mastersterrible movie but no where near as much as she loves Dolph.





 Lab10615720_10152255125861437_1867766848_nyrinth:- the only explanation for not throwing this away- “you remind me of the babe.” “What babe”?
Cue everyone joining in. Love it.




The rock10617385_10152255126036437_1528971508_ny horror picture show:- simply divine! Again a film that came out a long time before I was born but I’d challenge anyone to watch without liking it.

And that leads to ‘Little shop of horrors‘ again one of my favourite musicals. FEED ME NOWWWW!10621865_10152255125916437_1447671059_n





10595929_10152255126136437_1782458496_nDisneys ‘The Fox and the Hound‘- picture the scene. My best friends 16birthday party. A house party where parents allowed us the drunken run of the house for a night. And the worst thing that happened after a little bit of sick. Two lads crying at 4am, drunk, watching the fox and the hound whilst surrounded by passed out lightweights.




10622152_10152255126351437_1073838663_nAnd then The Goonies. Admittedly I only own this because it’s a very late return. The shop probably disappeared 15yrs ago. So I feel it my duty to look after this cassette with care. The late fee is going to be extortionate. But it is one of the greatest kids movies EVER made.




I have a few more but these are the ones I will probably take to the grave.


8 thoughts on “My life in VHS

      1. I had all but forgotten about the original Transformer’s movie, now I am going to have to find it for my son to watch.

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